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The White Ribbon Campaign is a charity organisation run by men who challenge attitudes that condone violence against women. The campaign was set up to provide positive male role models that actively condemn such attitudes and draw attention to their consequences.  

On November 25th each year, Equation takes part in White Ribbon Day, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In addition to promoting and selling White Ribbons, we also lead a giveaway event in Nottingham City Centre that’s supported by male employees from partner organisations. This event focuses on approaching men to hand out White Ribbons, engage in conversation about the campaign and supply them with information on how they can help keep women safe.  

Take the White Ribbon Pledge

Take the White Ribbon pledge not to commit, excuse or remain silent about mens violence towards women. 

How to support
White Ribbon


What Men Can Do to Help Keep Women Safe

Most men don’t use violence against women,  
but all men can help end it.   
Will you?


Stand up against abuse

Promote a commitment to never use, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. Join the 30,000 men who have already pledged against abuse at whiteribbon.org.uk and wear a White Ribbon to show your support. 

Support women who need help

If you think a woman is being hurt by a partner or ex, do something. Call the 24-hour domestic and sexual violence helpline on 0808 800 0340 and find out how to help her safely (the helpline is run by Women’s Aid Integrated Services). 

Challenge other men

When men are disrespectful about women, speak out. Get used to saying “that’s not okay” when you hear sexist jokes from friends, family and colleagues. Misogyny supports abusive attitudes: let others know you won’t tolerate it. 

Sell White Ribbons

Please email fundraising@equation.org.uk for information about selling white ribbons to raise awareness and funds for the Nottingham campaign. 

Learn how to help someone

If someone tells you they have experienced abuse, there are things you can say to help. 

Take the White Ribbon Pledge

Take the White Ribbon pledge not to commit, excuse or remain silent about mens violence towards women. 

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