A survey into young people’s sense of safety has found that while half of respondents feel safe at school, 43% would not feel confident speaking to staff if they had concerns.

The survey forms part of a focus to heighten security in Worksop South and Ashfield as part of a major new project to enhance the safety of women and girls funded by Nottinghamshire PCC and Ashfield District Council. The survey, carried out by domestic abuse charity Equation, is part of a £25m investment from the Home Office’s Safer Streets Initiative in England and Wales.

431 pupils of all genders from Ashfield school, Sutton Community School and Quarrydale Academy were asked if they felt safe around school and if they would know where to go for help. The classroom was the place young people felt safest, with 83% responding they felt either very safe or safe. Around school, 71% responded they felt very safe or safe, and travelling to school also had a high combined response of 70% feeling very safe or safe.

Amidst the positive response that 71% of young people would know where to seek support, this was countered by the revelation that almost half would not feel confident approaching staff if they did feel unsafe.

Equation’s Head of Service of Children and Young People Equation Anthea Tainton said,

“Equation are delighted to have been able to work with the secondary schools in the Ashfield area. We are encouraged that the survey found that young people generally feel safe in their school environment, and this is a starting point for considering how schools can further use this to increase access and awareness of safety and support. We are very keen to work further with the schools and the staff to increase the confidence of young people to speak up if they were worried about their safety.”

The survey’s results will assist Equation on understanding which areas to concentrate their efforts when developing their focus groups and workshops in schools, to ensure young people can seek help and support.

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