To meet the need for age-appropriate healthy relationships education for all children, Equation has developed GREAT Connections.

The project involves a suite of digital resources that support teachers in delivering a 5-day project to teach children about how to have healthy, equal, safe relationships. GREAT Connections is suitable for primary school years 1-6 and helps children understand and identify healthy and unhealthy relationships with friends, family and the wider community. The range of engaging activities also promote self-esteem and gender equality, and provide routes to safeguard children and young people who may be living with domestic abuse.

GREAT Connections is a fun, bright and positive project that helps to prevent domestic abuse and reduce the harm it causes children and young people. It was developed in consultation with teachers and schools, and informed by Equation’s wealth of expertise in delivering domestic abuse prevention and healthy relationships education to children and young people across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Teachers will be equipped to deliver GREAT Connections through receiving training from Equation’s expert Children and Young People Team. In addition to bright and engaging project materials for children, the project pack includes detailed guidance and support for educators, ensuring a high quality and positive experience for teachers and pupils alike.

GREAT Connections is being piloted in Nottingham Schools in Autumn/Winter 2017. If you are interested in learning more about the project or booking it at your school, get in touch with our Children and Young People’s Team.

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