Introduction to Domestic Abuse | Nottingham City Workers | 11th August

Price: Free training for Nottingham City Workers and Volunteers

Date: 11th August 09.30-12.30

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Price: Free training for Nottingham City Workers and Volunteers

Date: 11th August 09.30-12.30

The session is a foundation level training that:

  • Raises awareness and understanding of domestic violence and abuse
  • Increases understanding of the definition and different types of abuse, including coercive control
  • Explores indicators to identifying domestic abuse
  • Examines the impact of domestic abuse on adults and children (including trauma)
  • Identifies barriers for survivors accessing services
  • Identifies key good practice, responses and signposting
  • This session will also be set in the context of COVID-19

The session is suitable for any worker or volunteer who has not previously attended domestic abuse training or who needs a refresher.

The session will be delivered using Zoom and will include one half-hour break.


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