Equation’s award-winning Reel Equality Film Club hosts screenings for people who love films and hate sexism. We show great movies that tell women-centred stories, and challenge the gender stereotypes dominating the mainstream. Screening events are open to everyone.

Why do we do what we do? Check out our awesome short film on YouTube.


The Watermelon Woman

Saturday 10th December | The White Lion Bar and Kitchen, Beeston | 6pm | + lovingly cooked vegan meal

Nottingham Alternative Film Network and Reel Equality present Cheryl Dunye’s groundbreaking film The Watermelon Woman.

Cheryl works part-time in a video shop (remember those?!), and is an aspiring filmmaker. After becoming interested in old films which feature black actors, she embarks on a mission to find the real ‘Watermelon Woman’ – the name given to an actor who played in films such as Gone With The Wind. Full of 90s galore, The Watermelon Woman critiques the ways black people – especially black women – have been represented by Hollywood films. This was the first ever feature film to be directed by a black lesbian.

Tickets include a lovingly cooked vegan meal, so come hungry. Expect Philly cheese steaks, hot dogs and doughnuts!

Dressing up is also encouraged (think everything from The Fresh Prince to the Spice Girls); so dig through your wardrobes for forgotten 90’s treasures!

This screening is in aid of Equation, working to prevent and reduce the harm caused by domestic and sexual violence, and Kairos, a volunteer-run group that support lesbian and bisexual asylum seekers and refugees.

Reel Equality members are entitled to concession-price tickets for this screening.

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Season 3: Full Programme

Full details of our programme will be released here and on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/reelequalitynotts


Reel Equality FAQs

  1. What’s the point of your club?
  2. What can I expect from a screening?
  3. What kind of films do you show?


  1. What’s the point of your club?

The film industry grossly underrepresents women by creating too many movies that focus on men and side-line women from the plot. When female characters are present, too often they are written as limiting stereotypes. This sexist imbalance stifles women’s stories and reinforces damaging beliefs about the lesser value of women.

Reel Equality Film Club provides an alternative to this gender imbalance and raises awareness amongst our audiences about the need for positive change.

  1. What can I expect from a screening?

Reel Equality Film Club screenings are more than just film showings, providing a chance to gather, eat, drink, dance, debate and chat about film and gender – and occasionally dress up!

Each film is (briefly) introduced by a short film or a speaker.

After each film we encourage feedback and provide opportunities for critical discussion.

  1. What kind of films do you show?

We choose interesting and entertaining films that tell women’s stories and include interesting, fully realised female characters who are not objectified or stereotyped. Our films are chosen largely from modern independent British and world cinema.

Women are diverse creatures of different races, ages, sexualities, abilities and perspectives. They also do lots of different stuff. So our range is broad, and our programme will include dramas, comedies, sci-fi, action, historical films, and biopics.

We decide on films as a committee; suggestions for future screenings are very welcome. You can email us at chloe@equation.org.uk


Selection process disclaimer

Reel Equality Film Club aims to represent the diversity of human experiences as much as possible, and avoid films that further discrimination or prejudice of any kind. However, films are open to interpretation and we cannot guarantee that our film choices are uncontestably “feminist” or completely unproblematic from every angle. We welcome polite and constructive feedback – critical analysis of film is, after all, part of our aim.

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