The Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board is delivering training sessions on Safeguarding Children and Young People from Child Sexual Exploitation.  The aim of the course is to increase awareness of child sexual exploitation amongst staff who work directly with young people and to enable them to respond appropriately and confidently to concerns or disclosures of such exploitation, and manage cases effectively.

This course provides an in depth understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) indicators and risks, grooming models including the use of the internet, and equips participants with the knowledge and confidence to manage disclosures and suspicions of CSE effectively and in accordance with LSCB procedures.

Participants are expected to have undertaken some level of broader safeguarding training, and to have completed the e-learning on Child Sexual Exploitation which can be accessed here.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand issues related to child sexual exploitation, the different ways it can occur and the associated legislation
  • Be able to identify factors which may leave children and young people exposed to sexual exploitation
  • Be able to recognise signs and indicators of child sexual exploitation
  • Be able to manage suspicions and disclosures effectively and take appropriate action
  • Be able to act in accordance with Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City Safeguarding

    Children Board Child Sexual Exploitation Practice Guidance and Pathways



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Further information, including an application form, can be found here.



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