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Each year, local charity Equation lead on Nottingham’s White Ribbon Day Campaign. 


This annual campaign asks people from our community to stand together in helping end men’s violence against women.  The emphasis on engaging our male allies to lead the way.  We do this through promotingselling, and wearing White Ribbons, which symbolize the campaign and help to raise awareness.   

This year it has become even more important; with rises in incidents of domestic violence and abuse (from 2 women killed per week to 5 per week).  In previous years, we usually reach around 2,500 men with our City Centre giveaway.  But because of COVID we need to find new ways of adapting the campaign so this year we are taking it online. 

You can play a huge part in helping to promote the White Ribbon Campaign and ending violence towards women and girls in our community.


Here are a few ways you can get involved:  

White Ribbon

Learn More about the White Ribbon Campaign in Nottingham. 

Fundraise or make a donation


If you’re inspired to do more, you can always fundraise for Equation.  Encourage your friends and family to find out more about the campaign and donate towards ending violence against women and girls in Nottingham.  Set up your Fundraising page on Just Giving.

Donate your Social Media


Throughout November you can brand your social media accounts with the White Ribbon and become an ambassador by sharing posts and promoting the campaign.  We will send you the Equation/White Ribbon logo, campaign copy and link to donation page, all you have to do is add them during the month of November.  

Buy your White Ribbons


The easiest way to show your support for the White Ribbon campaign is to wear a white ribbon every day. It’s a great way to start a conversation about the campaign and the importance of male allies in the movement to end male violence against women. At a recommended cost of just £2 you can buy one for yourself or to give to your employees.

As a Thank You for joining us!
We’ll promote your logo and website link in our list of partners and champion you on social media. 

Join the White Ribbon Campaign Now!

Use the form below to tell us how you’ll be taking part so we can send you everything you’ll need. 

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Just Giving

Set up your White Ribbon fundraising page on here ->

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There’s lots of amazing and easy ways to fundraise for Equation. We’ve got everything you need to get started on our Fundraising page. 

Campaign Online with Equation

Join our team of Social Media Ambassadors for updates on campaigning against domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality. 

Individual Support

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