We know that too often, experiences go unheard and we’re looking to change that. Share your experience of getting help and support, to help us improve the lives of other men experiencing domestic abuse.

We are carrying out research to help improve the support available to men who experience abuse in Nottinghamshire. To do this we are looking to hold a 2 hour focus group with anyone that we’ve supported. We’ll be holding these this September.


Who is eligible

We want to hear from men who have used our domestic abuse service, who are over 18 and live in Nottinghamshire. We are particularly interested in speaking with men who have accessed support around housing as a result of domestic abuse.

This consultation is open to all self-identifying men of any sexuality.


What to expect

We will ask you questions about how easy (or not) you found it was to get the help you needed, and what you know about local services. We want to know about any barriers or challenges you faced, so we can think about how to remove these in future.

We know that going over experiences from a difficult time isn’t easy, so experienced professionals will be on hand to talk to throughout this process. And you can pull out at any time.


When are we doing this?

We will talk to you about your preferred times, dates and locations so that we can arrange a time that works for those wanting to take part.



If you think you’d like to take part, call us or drop us an email and we’ll talk it through. Call our helpline on 0800 995 6999 or email us at helpline@equation.org.uk


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Is it abuse

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How you can help

No matter how much time, money or resources you can afford to give, your support will make a difference. 


Give monthly

Could pay for four children
to take part in our early intervention projects


Give once

Could pay for one primary school child to receive our healthy relationship education program

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