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If you have contact with survivors of domestic abuse as part of your job – or you think you might do – you can access information here about domestic abuse services and find practical guidance on the best ways to respond to people experiencing abuse. 

Browse our Best Practice Library to find useful documents including referral pathways, risk assessment checklists, all the latest research findings, plus strategies and policies. 



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There’s a lot of information stored in our Best Practice Library, so we’ve made it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for. Take a look at the examples and guidance below to help find the information you need. 

Examples and Guidance

Example One: Multiple Disadvantage  

If you’re looking for information about multiple disadvantage, then you would: 

  • Select ‘Supporting Survivors’ 
  • Then choose ‘Multiple Disadvantage’. 


Example Two: Coercive Control  

If you’re looking for information about coercive control, you would: 

  • Select ‘forms of abuse’ 
  • Then choose ‘Coercive Control’.  


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 Order free resources that provide safety and support information to survivors. 

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Find out how to improve the response to domestic abuse in your workplace.


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Equation launches #HelpAFriend campaign

This March, Equation is running a bold campaign in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire that could help people save their friends from the harm of domestic abuse. Ordinary city residents will be given tools to recognise if someone close to them is experiencing abuse, and to...



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