Toolkits for Teachers and Professionals

Great Connections 

GREAT Connections is a digital resource for teachers, aimed at Years 1 -6, which explores the relationships and connections the children have.   

There are 5 key areas that the resource focuses on, with a different topic discussed each day. These include relationships, friendships, family, community, gender and differences. 

My Connections 

My Connections is a toolkit for professionals working with young people using harmful behaviours in their intimate relationships. Prior to the development of My Connections, few resources were available to support the young people, or help them develop the tools needed to stop or prevent their use of abuse.  The toolkit has been built in a structured manner to effectively meet the needs of the young people and the professionals who support them. 

About this resource
  • Completely teacher led 
  • Differentiated to meet the needs of the year group and age/stage of the children
  • Same structure for every year group for each year 
  • Designed to be ideally delivered as a whole school project across a week, but can be delivered independently
Resource contents
  • Brief session overviews of every session for each year group 
  • A detailed session plan for each year group, for every session 
  • Printable resources to accompany sessions
  • A PowerPoint for each year group for every session

£500 per school for the package 

Toolkit aims
  • Increase young people’s awareness of healthy relationships
  • Increase young people’s self-esteem  
  • Increase young people’s feeling of being in control of their life
  • Increase young people’s ability to deal with their emotions  in a positive way 
  • Increase young people’s awareness of abuse  
  • Decrease young people using abusive behaviours 
  • Promote safeguarding and reduce the likelihood of abuse.
Included in this toolkit

Training in the following courses 

  • Understanding and Responding to Domestic Abuse  
  • Challenging Domestic Abuse (Working with Perpetrators)  
  • Working with Children and Young People Impacted by Domestic Abuse  
  • Understanding the Dynamic of Domestic Abuse within Teenage Intimate Relationships  


Toolkit contents 

  • Session plans on the following themes; healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, abusive behaviours, managing feelings and emotions, consent, gender equality, aspirations, responsibilities 
  • Interactive video’s 
  • Printable and interactive worksheets 
  • Discussion based activities 
  • Individual activities   


My Connections is designed to be delivered on a 1:1 basis to young people who meet the referral criteria. It can be suitable for the following year groups; 7,8,9,10 and 11,


Costs vary, please contact Equation for further information 

Training for professionals

Our expert training is for anyone who wants to develop their professional skills in responding to domestic abuse. Whatever your role, Equation can help you spot the signs, take the right action, and support those affected.

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