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Equation run two universal school based programmes, The GREAT Project for primary schools, and Equate for secondary schools. Both initiatives fulfil numerous RSE education requirements and have already reached thousands of young people across Nottinghamshire and beyond. Equation also delivers targeted interventions for young people in secondary schools, with our Know More and Choices projects.  

Our universal projects ensure all children and young people that participate have access to healthy relationships and domestic abuse awareness education. Our targeted projects allow young people at risk of either experiencing domestic and sexual abuse or of using harmful behaviours in their own relationships to receive tailored interventions in small groups. 

The GREAT Project

Equation developed The GREAT Project in 2010, based upon many years of experience, pupil and teacher consultation and an appreciation of the needs of pupils and schools. The Great Project is delivered across Nottingham City and County, as well as in Derbyshire and Suffolk.  

The Great Project reaches over 2500 pupils in Nottingham City and County each year.  

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Equate is an innovative whole school approach to educating young people about domestic abuse, gender equality and healthy relationships. Designed for secondary school pupils in all year groups, our comprehensive selection of lessons fits well into PSHE, RSE and other key areas of the curriculum.   

Equate is delivered to over 8000 pupils in Nottingham City and County each year. 

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Targeted Projects

Choices and Know More are tailored projects for targeted small groups of young people identified as being at risk or having low self-esteem and confidence.  

These sessions address the risk of domestic abuse and sexual violence by focusing upon building the young people’s self-esteem and confidence within relationships, empowering them to make positive choices in their lives. 

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We also offer


View our selection of aids for teachers and professionals working with children and young people.


View our high quality resources that complement healthy relationships education and raise awareness of domestic abuse amongst children and young people

Teacher Training

Sessions exploring multiple key issues surrounding domestic abuse, enabling professionals to identify when young people they work with might be at risk

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