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1 in 10 children are living with domestic abuse, with teens aged 16-19 most at risk


At Equation, we’ve designed and delivered early intervention and awareness raising projects in schools since 2002.

Our award-winning domestic abuse prevention and healthy relationships education reaches over 7000 children and young people in schools, colleges and community settings across Nottingham/Nottinghamshire each year. 

Equation believes that all children and young people deserve equal and healthy relationships that are free from abuseOur work achieves this is through specialist relationships education. Everyone has a role to play in supporting children and young people towards this goal, and all our interventions, training and resources are designed with this in mind. 

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At the time they start school, at least one child in every class will have been living with domestic abuse since they were born. (SafeLives)


62% of children in households where domestic violence is happening are also directly harmed. 



59% of girls aged 13-21 reported experiencing sexual harassment at school or college in the past year. (Girl Guiding’s Social Attitudes Survey 2014)

Recommended resources

Equation designs and distributes workbooks for young people impacted by abuse. We have three workbooks available for different ages. Prices start from as little as £1.60 per book and we are funded to provide these free of charge in some settings.

Best Practice Library

Access useful documents, including referral pathways and risk assessments. 


Our Projects for Children and Young People

View our domestic abuse prevention and healthy relationship projects for young people. 


Teacher Training

Sessions exploring multiple prominent and complex issues related to domestic abuse and relationships.


View our selection of aids for teachers and professionals working with children and young people.


View our high quality resources that complement healthy relationships education and raise awareness of domestic abuse amongst children and young people. 


Respect not Fear

A website designed for young people, by young people. This site has a wealth of information for teenagers around healthy relationships and domestic abuse. The site also includes interactive quizzes, video’s and support information. 


Equation Domestic Abuse Nottingham respect not fear

The GREAT Project is absolutely amazing! It totally helped my son understand why we no longer live with his dad. He can also assess a healthy/unhealthy relationship and grew up so much emotionally. 10/10



The GREAT project

Those equation books are great…I’ve used them with 2 families, and one YP asked if he could keep the book



Front-line Professional


I’ve been able to help my sister. She didn’t realise her boyfriend was not treating her right. 




Know More Project

I explained that we have The GREAT project in school for our Year 6 children. He had not heard about the project before so I explained what it entailed and the positive impact it has on the children. The inspector was really impressed


The GREAT Project

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