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What to do if you’re in immediate danger 


Call 999 to contact the police

Available any time  
Always free to call  

Who does this information apply to? 

Absolutely everyone. You can call the police on 999 if your own personal safety is threatened, if someone you know is at risk of immediate harm, or in case of an emergency.  

What to expect when you call 

When you call the police because you’re in danger from domestic abuse, their first priority should be the safety and well-being of you and your children. The police should support you by:  

  • Helping to protect you and your children
  • Trying to reduce the risk of further violence 
  • Finding out what has happened and starting an investigation 
  • Offering you initial support and safety planning 
  • Directing you to organisations that can offer you further help and support 

Looking for LGBT+ Services

All the services listed on this site are LGBT+ inclusive

Equation Domestic Abuse Nottingham

I’m not in immediate danger but need help and advice

Help for Women



Help for Children



Help for Men




Worried about Someone Else?

Stalking Advice Service



Is it Abuse?


Learn more about Domestic Abuse

I was too confused and embarrassed to tell my friends and family. Talking it through with someone was such a relief. 

Female Survivor

Just talking to someone about what I was going through helped me understand what support I needed. 

Male Survivor

With all the advice and support I’ve recieved I am starting to rebuild my life again. 

Female Survivor

was so worried about my friend. On the helpline they talked through with me how I could support her.  

Concerned Friend


Hide the Signs You’ve Been on This Website

Internet browsers normally save certain information as you use the Internet. This includes words you’ve searched, and a history of the sites you’ve visited. If you’re worried that someone at home will look at what you’ve done online, the safest option is to use a computer at a local library, a friend’s house, or at work. You can also reduce the chance that someone will discover your internet activities by following these instructions to clear your internet history.  

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Could pay for four children to take part in our early intervention projects



Could pay for one primary school child to receive our healthy relationship education program

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