Moving Forward: Helping Young Women Explore Their Experience of Abusive Relationships


This high-quality, positive and creative booklet for young women aged 13+ supports them to explore their experience of abuse, and can help them move forwards with healing and recovery.

It takes women on a journey that supports them to explore what abuse is; understand their own experience and address their emotions; build self-esteem for the future; and celebrate friendships.

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What’s this about?

  • An activity booklet for young women that helps them to reflect upon their experience of abuse, and move forwards with positivity and resilience.
  • Takes women on a positive journey that enables them to recognise abuse, understand their own experience and address their emotions; then builds their self-esteem for the future through recognising women rights and positive aspects of womanhood, and celebrating friendships.
  • Created in response to significant demand from professionals outside the domestic violence sector for a tool that facilitates work with young women experiencing abuse.

Who’s it for?

  • Designed for professionals who work one-to-one with young women e.g. youth workers, YOT workers, social care, children’s centre workers
  • Suitable to support the work delivered by specialist domestic violence workers.
  • Suitable for young women aged 13+


  • Content and colourful style designed in close collaboration with young women.
  • Designed to be filled in and personalised to record experiences and plans.
  • Gives professionals outside of the domestic violence sector the language and techniques to have productive conversations with young women about their experience.
  • Helps support workers build relationships with the young person they are supporting.
  • Activities can be customised to suit individual needs.
  • Complements the ‘Self-Esteem’ Booklet for young women.

Comments and Feedback

This booklet was developed using our extensive experience working with vulnerable young people about domestic abuse and healthy relationships, with the input of young women. To our knowledge, there is no comparable equivalent resource currently published in the UK. So, please, tell us what you think! We welcome your feedback.

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