The equation team is thrilled to introduce you to our new CEO, Anthea Tainton, who steps into post today.

Over the last several months, we’ve been expertly lead by Val Lunn, previous CEO of Juno Women’s Aid and Development Manager, Rape Crisis England and Wales. But we can now introduce you to our new permanent CEO.

Anthea Tainton has been part of Equation for nearly 13 years and has already played a huge part in developing us to where we are today. Working in multiple roles from project worker to Head of the Children and Young People’s team, Anthea brings a unique wealth of perspective and experience.

I began working at Equation, (NDVF back then) in September 2010. With a degree in Criminology and a focus on domestic abuse, I saw the advert for project worker in the Children and Young People team at Equation and just knew the role and organisation was for me. When I began at Equation there were only 10 people including myself, two of those team members are still with us now.


What did you enjoy most about that role?

I loved being a project worker in the CYP team. I developed sessions on healthy relationships and domestic abuse awareness, for groups of at-risk young people including teenage mums, young people within the youth justice system, LGBTQ+ groups as well as young people with disabilities. I had frank and honest conversations about relationships, what was healthy and unhealthy, where they could go for help and support if needed and designed flyers and information cards. I worked on the Respect not Fear website and even designed the first iPhone app to promote healthy relationships.

I wanted to develop more meaningful projects and work with young people that resulted in behaviour and attitude changes.

This evolved into becoming Coordinator in the team. I wanted to develop more meaningful projects and work with young people that resulted in behaviour and attitude changes. I developed Equation’s Know More Project for young women, a project aimed at increasing confidence and self-esteem, building awareness of healthy relationships and consent as well as encouraging the young women to understand gender inequality and to consider and build their aspirations for the future. Following this I developed another project called Choices with young men. That project challenged young men to consider healthy relationships and consent and think about how they are impacted by stereotypes and gender inequality. Both projects are now embedded in schools and are key to giving young people the time and space to discuss important issues that they are experiencing within a safe place.

I stepped in temporarily as the CYP Manager and I learned on the job very quickly, before becoming Head of Service permanently, a role I have loved. It’s been nonstop!


I know it will be a lot of learning, hard work but also rewarding.


What will your focus as CEO be?

Now I find myself with my biggest challenge yet, as Equation’s new CEO. I am delighted to be in this role. I know it will be a lot of learning, hard work but also rewarding. My initial focus is going to be ensuring the Equation team are settled, building relationships with the trustees and then putting plans in place to work on the priorities for the next 12-18 months.


What are you looking forward to most about being Equation’s new CEO?

I’m really looking forward to working across the breadth of the Equation team, and immersing myself in the other workstreams.  I’m looking forward to learning more about the amazing work these teams do and I’m excited about working with the trustees to make sure Equation is sustainable and around for the long term.


What’s the best advice you’ve had?

The best advice I’ve had at work was from a colleague about decision making. They told me to always weigh up the pros and cons and as long you make a decision based on the information available then the decision is justifiable. They told me that sometimes we only learn from getting it wrong. I have always followed that advice and say it to people I work with too. It has been excellent advice for someone who was always reluctant to make a decision.


On a weekend, where would we find you?

Family, lots of pets and football fill up my weekends! I’m married with three children (two are grown up, but my eight-year-old son is still at home). We have two dogs, (staffies), two cats, two rabbits, a chinchilla and a hamster. We love animals. I can also be found at the side of a football pitch on a Saturday and Sunday morning cheering my son on. I love reading and also watching F1.


Trustee, Raina Sood:

“The board are delighted to have appointed Anthea as our new CEO this year. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the sector to the role, as well as undeniable passion and enthusiasm for Equation. We look forward to working with her to grow and develop the organisation further.”


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