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The Your Choice Project is a voluntary behavioural change programme here at Equation. It’s for adults who want help to stop using abusive behaviour towards a current or ex-partner or someone in their family. 


Come and meet the team …


John | Intervention Worker

Hello – I’m John and I deliver the Foundations and Parenting program with Elaine. I’m also a Person-Centred Psychotherapist working towards my BACP accreditation.

As a psychotherapist, I’m doing some research around policy making counselling and education. I have also worked as a teacher with elementary graders in the past.

I am passionate about social justice and work from an anti-colonial lens. What I like about the work we’re doing is having the chance to prevent domestic abuse by working with perpetrators, so they don’t  hurt anyone else or themselves in the future.


Elaine | Intervention Worker

Hello – I am Elaine. I’m new in post and so I’m enjoying the challenge of learning about the programmes and meeting and working with clients.  The team are lovely and proactive and I am looking forward to seeing successful outcomes with those we’re working with.


Tineka | Service Manager

Hello – I’m Tineka. Over the past 3 years I’ve worked as a Team Leader for the project, Intervention Worker and also Project Support Worker – so I know the project inside out!

The role of Domestic Abuse Service Manager is a delicate juggling act of responsibility and empathy, coordinating my dedicated team who provide therapeutic interventions to perpetrators of domestic abuse. These interventions are essential in addressing the root causes of abusive behavior and promoting rehabilitation.

What I love about my role is that it combines compassion, leadership, and a deep commitment to ending domestic abuse. I feel that we play a vital role in the lives of those we support, both directly and indirectly.


Callum | Domestic Abuse Intervention Worker

Hi – I’m Callum and I’ve been working with the Your Choice Project for the past year. I deliver sessions with people who’ve been using unhealthy or abusive behaviour in their relationships.

My background is in Forensic Psychology, with a focus on the ideological underpinnings for criminal behaviour, leading to me being passionate about exploring the reasons why our clients behave in the ways they do. I find myself exploring our clients’ justifications, attempting to shift thinking in order for them to have healthier, happier relationships with their partners and children. Previously my interventions were more focused on one-to-one sessions, delivered online. However, I have recently made the shift to delivering group sessions in person which means my delivery is more dynamic and interactive, increasing levels of engagement from clients.


Louise | Intervention Worker

Hi – I’m Louise and I’m fairly new in the team. Before being a part of the Your Choice Project, I worked as an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) in Equation’s domestic abuse service for men. My background is in forensic psychology, where I got the opportunity to conduct a study with a domestic abuse charity in Huddersfield. This inspired me to explore career opportunities in this field and leading me to find Equation.  I deliver group sessions with people who want to change abusive behaviour. I love learning new skills and look forward to developing as a professional working on the frontline to tackle domestic abuse.


Amy-Louise | Project Support Worker

Hi – I’m Amy-Louise. I am new here in this brand-new role and I’m loving it. For me it’s an exciting adventure and I’m keen to learn. I’m a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Youth Studies, where I learnt about safeguarding, social and psychological theories about children and young people, and the youth justice system. I am looking forward to bringing all of that knowledge into the project.

I process referrals, assist with monitoring and the evaluation and work with and support the Intervention Workers and Service Manager with administrative tasks, delivery of service, and raising awareness of the Project.

I’m enjoying learning how we can make this an effective service. I also enjoy working for an organisation that can strengthen my knowledge about domestic violence and abuse.


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