8th February 2022

“He made me feel like I was crazy. I apologised for things I hadn’t even done just to try and keep the peace. I always felt guilty for everything and nothing at the same time. I was emotionally exhausted; I would cry all the time” (Survivor) 


Psychological or emotional abuse is often used to group together and describe may types of non-physical violence. But does this matter?

In 2018, SafeLives conducted European-wide research around ‘Psychological Violence’.  Produced by both survivors and practitioners, the research found that in doing this, we’re taking a “huge step back…if someone is being subjected to sexually coercive behaviour, then that is what they are experiencing – it is not psychological violence. Why should we reduce this to one form of abuse, so that the perpetrator doesn’t look as bad? What about the victim’s voice?”

“You didn’t feel like it was violent because … I didn’t have hands on me – I had no bruises, or whatever” (Survivor)

Psychological abuse affects a survivor’s entire life. It affects their ability to function and make decisions. Understanding the reality of emotional abuse, the impacts and risks, is key for anyone supporting them.

Join us for a one-off seminar on the 9th March and gain insight into supporting someone experiencing  psychological abuse, understanding their trauma and helping them rebuilt self-belief and self-esteem. Delivered by Jen Daw, Research Analyst at SafeLives.

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