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If you're in immediate danger

For men experiencing domestic abuse in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County

Please note this form is not intended for use by professionals, please click here for the appropriate referral process for professionals. 

If you are a man experiencing domestic abuse

Equation’s Domestic Abuse Service for Men offers free and discreet advice for men in Nottingham City and County who are experiencing domestic abuse. Support may include practical and emotional assistance, and signposting to other specialist services such as counselling or housing.

To refer yourself into this service, please complete the form below. We will aim to respond within 3 working days, Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.30-4.30

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Self Referral Form

Is it safe to write to you?

Can you provide Safe Contact Details? These should be details the person using abusive behaviours has no or limited access to.

Safe Days to Call

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Is it safe to text you?

Is it safe to send you emails?

Do you require an interpreter?

Are there children in the household?

Are the police involved?

Are you referring someone else?

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0808 801 0327

Call the Men’s Advice Line if you are a man living outside of Nottinghamshire

How you can help

No matter how much time, money or resources you can afford to give, your support will make a difference. 


Give monthly

Could pay for four children
to take part in our early intervention projects



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Could pay for one primary school child to receive our healthy relationship education program


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