Like other forms of abuse, tech abuse – the use of technology to harass, control, humiliate, or monitor someone – is about power and control.  


Tech abuse makes it more difficult for survivors to escape abusive relationships, particularly as the perpetrator can continue their control from wherever they are, long after separation.  

The use of technology allows perpetrators to exert more control over a survivor, which is stressful and traumatic. For anyone working with survivors (or perpetrators), it’s important to know what signs to look out for, when spotting technology-facilitated domestic abuse..  


How can technology be misused or abused?  

Technology provides countless ways for perpetrators to abuse through different avenues such as social media and messaging apps, personal accounts such as emails and online banking, to electronic devices like PC’s, laptops, tablets, and phones, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices like Amazon Alexa, ring doorbells and smart heating systems. 

A survivor may…  

A partner or ex-partner turning up unexpectedly or appearing to ‘bump into’ the survivor, their family, or friends, might also be another sign that technology is being used to track someone’s whereabouts. Children’s games, travel apps like Uber, and entertainment apps such as Netflix could also be used to track someone’s location.

It is also important to keep in mind that another tactic perpetrators may use, is to convince the survivor they have more control or access over their digital information than they do. However, any potential risks must still be considered in the DASH RIC.


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