Assess Your Workplace

Is domestic abuse defined in any of the following employee resources by your organisation:

Does your organisation currently have a Domestic Abuse policy?

Are any procedures relating to domestic abuse and violence outlined in any of the following: 

Are employees at your workplace aware of who to speak to at work if they have concerns relating to domestic abuse for either themselves or on behalf of a colleague?   

Are your employees aware that misconduct relating to domestic abuse, inside and outside of work, can result in disciplinary action?   

Have any of your senior or Human Resource (HR) staff received specialist training regarding domestic abuse?   

Have you supplied employees with any information of the indicative signs that someone they work with might be experiencing domestic abuse?   

Is signposting and safety information relevant to domestic abuse available within your workplace or on your intranet?    

Is tackling underlying causes of domestic abuse, such as misogyny and gender discrimination, embedded into your workplace culture?   

Do you have dedicated safety procedures in place for safeguarding survivors and their colleagues at work?    

Can employees experiencing domestic abuse request any reasonable adjustments to support them remaining in work?    

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Answer the questions below to assess how well your workplace is currently responding to domestic abuse. You’ll get helpful tips and guidance to help point you in the direction of the best next steps to take. If you’d like a free consultation with Equation please provide your contact details in the contact form at the end of the questions. 

Support From Equation

We have a range of resources and services available to get you started and are keen to work closely with local business to get a clearer idea of what level of responses are currently in place

Domestic Abuse and the Workplace

Learn more about Domestic Abuse as a workplace issue. 



Could pay for four children to take part in our early intervention projects



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