Equation launch pet fostering service for men escaping abuse

For anyone escaping domestic abuse and leaving their home, there’s a lot to navigate. But what if you have pets?


In homes where abuse is happening, the fear of what might happen to pets can stop someone from leaving a relationship.

Leaving an abuser can be a difficult and dangerous time for a survivor. But if you have a pet, leaving is even harder and many survivors choose to delay leaving or stay, if they can’t take their animals with them. This might be because

  • A perpetrator threatens to hurt animals if a survivor leaves
  • A perpetrator refusing to look after or neglect a pet’s basic needs
  • If a survivor does leave, a perpetrator may threaten pets to make them go back

For those who do leave, and plan to return to feed or care for their pets, the dangers are obvious. And with many refuges unable to accept pets, survivors are forced to stay or face the added distress of leaving a member of their family behind.


How we can help

Equation, with support from Juno Women’s Aid, are now able to offer temporary homes for pets belonging to men experiencing domestic abuse. Operating in a similar way to the service offered by Juno for women, the service is available for men living in Nottingham city, Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe.


How it works

The Pets Foster Project workers will speak to the survivor on one occasion to take full details of the pet before they can confirm acceptance of the referral in principle. Once accepted, Equation will collect the animal, and provide updates to the owner.

Pet fostering can be for any length of time, subject to the availability of a suitable foster carer.


Get in touch

  • Call our helpline – 0800 995 6999 – Mon – Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm (7.30pm on Wednesdays) – 24/7 confidential answerphone available outside these times
  • Email us – helpline@equation.org.uk – Mon – Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • Access support online using our online referral form including self-referrals.



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