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Equation has a strong background in delivering full and half-day training sessions to front-line workers and is committed to sharing best practice about the responses that work against domestic violence and abuse. Whatever your area of work, Equation experts can support you to develop the skills in your organisation through impactful training. 

Equation offers both short and impactful briefings on domestic abuse and related topics, and bespoke training programs tailored specifically to the needs of your agency or area of development. 

In response to Coronavirus we have developed remote learning platforms to allow delegates to access our training safely. These new platforms facilitate both of our interactive and briefing style delivery options to be available online. 

Available Briefings

An Introduction to Domestic Abuse

This briefing provides an overview of the prevalence, nature and impact of domestic abuse. Delegates will learn the indicators of domestic abuse and basic elements needed for responding; referral pathways and signposting support.

Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control

This briefing enables delegates to recognise coercive control, understand the coercive control offence and respond appropriately.

Domestic Abuse and Multiple Disadvantage

This briefing explores domestic abuse, mental health and substance misuse, enabling participants to identify good practice responses to survivors experiencing multiple disadvantage. 

Domestic Abuse and Vulnerable Adults

This briefing provides an overview of additional considerations for supporting survivors who are also vulnerable adults. The content can explore the following elements depending on your requirements: domestic abuse experienced by vulnerable adults, indicators and impact of domestic abuse on vulnerable adults, responding and supporting vulnerable adults.

Domestic Abuse in Same Sex Realtionships

This briefing provides an overview of domestic abuse in LGBT+ relationships, the impact and the additional barriers to accessing services. Delegates will learn the indicators of abuse in same sex relationships and the correct referral pathways and services.

Additional risk considerations for LGBT+ survivors

This briefing explores some of the additional risk considerations for LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse and teaches delegates how to complete a risk assessment form for an LGBT+ survivor.

Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment Risk Identification Checklist & The MultiAgency Risk Assessment Conference

This briefing explores the risk associated with domestic abuse. It introduces the DASH RIC assessment tool and good practice skills for completing. It also provides and overview of MARAC process, its purpose and how to refer.

Domestic Abuse and Older Adults

This briefing provides an overview of domestic abuse and older adults, the impacts, additional risk considerations and the additional barriers to accessing services. Delegates will learn the indicators of abuse experienced by older adults and the correct referral pathways and services.

Bespoke Training

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Equation trainers have a wide range of working experience and knowledge on domestic abuse and related issues: this includes working with adults and children experiencing domestic abuse, managing services for men experiencing domestic abuse and working with perpetrators. Take a look at our extensive training catalogue of full day courses to see what else we may be able to offer and get in touch to discuss your training needs.

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Our training solutions are tailored to each organisations unique requirements, and are dependent on training platform, length of session and session numbers.  Please get in touch for a free consultation and quote.

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