Equation has launched its #SupportNotSilence campaign in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire in response to an increase in referrals of domestic abuse during COVID-19. The campaign aims to help men recognise signs of domestic abuse and get support from the local helpline (0115 960 5556). 

Using an attention-grabbing social media and print campaign, #SupportNotSilence will be running throughout the month in the City and three County districts: Newark and Sherwood, Broxtowe and Bassetlaw. 

The campaign coincides with wider publicity around men’s experience of domestic abuse following global movements relating to the wider issues of domestic and sexual violence, in addition to high-profile media coverage of prosecutions in cases of domestic violence towards men. Despite the increase in publicity, there are still many male survivors who don’t know how or where to seek support. 

Sophie Maskell, Campaigns Coordinator, says: “From working with men through Equation’s Domestic Abuse Service for Men, we have learned that men often don’t realise what they’re experiencing is domestic abuse and many others feel unable to speak out.  

Our cultural attitudes around masculinity can also lead men to believe that speaking out about domestic abuse will make them appear weak. We want our campaign to challenge those attitudes and better represent men’s experiences to ensure male survivors feel less isolated and more confident in seeking support.” 

What do we know about domestic abuse towards men? 

Anyone can experience domestic abuse and everyone’s experiences are different. Men can experience any form of domestic abuse from a person of any gender. However, according to local statistics, men are more likely to experience domestic abuse from other men and the types of abuse they experience are more often psychological and emotional. However, this does not mean men’s experiences are any less valid. 

Domestic abuse against men can include physical violence, as well as emotional and psychological bullying, sexual violence or financial control and abuse.  

A man who is being abused may experience some or all of the following behaviours 

  • Bullying: mocking, humiliation, insults, criticism  
  • Control: Being checked up on, followed, or stalked  
  • Threats: intimidation, attacks or violence  
  • Destruction of their possessions  
  • Isolation: being stopped from seeing family and friends  
  • Being forced into sex   
  • Having money taken or controlled  
  • Lying, blame and denial of the abuse 

These forms of abuse can cause significant harm and have long-lasting effects on mental health and well-being. Survivors can experience depression, anxiety, substance misuse problems and may complete self-harm or suicide.  

Find out more about domestic abuse against men here ->>

What support for men does Equation offer? 

The service provides time-limited support to men who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse. 

  • Risk assessment to identify risk of harm to the client 
  • The type of support provided will be identified against risk level and need 
  • Support may include practical and emotional assistance, and signposting to other specialist services such as counselling 
  • Assessment will be made to ensure that work with the individual is appropriate and safe. 

Equation operates structured safeguarding and assessment protocols in its work with men. 

Are you a man being hurt, bullied or controlled by a partner, ex or family member? You can get free and discreet advice in Nottinghamshire from Equation’s Domestic Abuse Service for Men: 0115 960 5556

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