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Men can experience domestic abuse.

Our latest campaign, #SupportNotSilence, aims to reach more men who are experiencing domestic abuse. As a result of our work, we’ve learned that men often don’t realise that what they’re experiencing is domestic abuse, and many feel unable to speak out. Support Not Silence is working to change this. Using social and print media, Support Not Silence raises awareness of the ways domestic abuse can affect men helping them to recognise the signs and encouraging them to feel more confident in accessing support. 

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Equation launches #SupportNotSilence campaign

Equation launches #SupportNotSilence campaign

Equation has launched its #SupportNotSilence campaign in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire in response to an increase in referrals of domestic abuse during COVID-19. The campaign aims to help men recognise signs of domestic abuse and get support from the...

3 Things You Should Know about Men’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse

3 Things You Should Know about Men’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse

We all know that domestic violence and abuse is a huge problem in our society, but do many of us understand how this issue affects men?   It can be hard to find reliable information about the topic, so Equation’s experts from our Domestic Abuse Service for Men have...

Learn more about domestic abuse. 

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Learn to recognise the signs of domestic abuse

Is it Abuse?

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Could help cover emergency travel costs so that a man can flee an abusive relationship

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