Image Based Sexual Abuse


Cost: Free to people working in Nottingham city and county

(Chargeable outside of these areas)

Location: Online

Duration: 3.5 hours 



About this training session

Image-based sexual abuse (IBSA), is when someone takes, creates, shares, or threatens to share, intimate, nude, or sexually explicit images or videos of an individual – without that person’s consent. And it’s an increasingly common form of domestic abuse, often carried out by ex-partners.

It is key for frontline workers to understand IBSA, how it’s carried out and how devices, websites, platforms and apps are used to do this. Building your knowledge and skills will help you recognise when someone has become a victim of IBSA and build strategies to mitigate risk when working with survivors.


After this session you’ll know

  • What Image-Based Sexual Abuse (IBSA) is and why the term “revenge porn” is unhelpful
  • About the different types of IBSA and how it’s carried out
  • How IBSA impacts on the on the survivor
  • What the law says about IBSA
  • How to better support survivors of IBSA, identify red flags and what steps survivors can take



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This session is funded by Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership.

Please bear in mind that this training does include reference to domestic abuse, Image-Based Sexual Abuse (so-called “revenge porn”), rape and sexual assault, pornography and sex trafficking. If you are watching or taking part in this training in a shared building, if possible, please do so in a space that is not accessed by other people for the duration of the training.

It is possible that any training about domestic abuse and Image-Based Sexual Abuse has the potential to impact on each of us personally. Please be aware that this may be the case before accessing the training.

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