Help for Men


I’m not in danger but need help and advice


If you’re a man experiencing domestic abuse

Call the local domestic abuse helpline for men on 0800 995 6999, run by Equation.

  • For men aged 18 or over living in Nottinghamshire County 
  • For men aged 16 or over living in Nottingham City 
  • Available Monday – Friday 9.30am-4.30pm 
  • 24-hour confidential answerphone service 
  • Talk privately about your situation 
  • Find out what your options are 
  • Receive guidance and support 

Learn more about Equation’s Service for Men here -> 

If you’re a man living outside of Nottinghamshire, call the domestic abuse helpline operated by Men’s Advice Line on 0808 801 0327  

  • For all men experiencing domestic abuse 
  • Available Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm 
  • Free from landlines and most mobiles 
  • Talk confidentially about your situation 
  • Find out what your options are 


If you’re hurting your partner or being abusive 

Call Respect on 0808 802 4040 


Is it Abuse?


Learn more about Domestic Abuse

Worried about Someone Else?

0800 9956 999

Call Equation’s domestic abuse helpline if you’re a man in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire 

0808 801 0327

If you need help and live outside Nottinghamshire, call the national  Men’s Advice Line

0808 802 4040

If you're hurting your partner or being abusive, call the national Respect helpline

"Made me aware that what was happening was reality and wasn't me imagining it and that it happens to others and that it does have an impact." 

Male Service User

Equation's Domestic Abuse Service for Men

“I was able to take back control of my life having received support from Equation. I feel more independent and for once in a very long time I feel more in control. Talking to you gave me a safe space.” 

Male Service User

Equation's Domestic Abuse Service for Men

"Helped to realise that it's more common to effect men than I first thought and that I wasn't alone, that there isn't something wrong with me and that it wasn't my fault." 

Male Service User

Equation's Domestic Abuse Service for Men

I believe that all people deserve fair, equal relationships and that nobody should live with domestic violence. Equation do amazing work in our local area to move towards this as well as vital work supporting all survivors of domestic violence.


Equation Supporter


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Could pay for four children to take part in our early intervention projects




Could help cover emergency travel costs so that a man can flee an abusive relationship

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