Reducing Parental Conflict

Price: free to Nottingham city workers 

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Location: Online
Duration:  2.5 hour
This session explores how to recognise the signs of parental conflict at the early stages. It highlights how to support parents in finding constructive outcomes, which are shown to provide positive lessons for children to learn such skills as negotiation and compromise.

By the end of this 2.5 hour introductory workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Attain a raised awareness of the existing evidence base around parental conflict
  • Achieve a good understanding of the impact of parental conflict on children’s outcomes
  • Recognise the potential triggers for parental conflict gained from the evidence base
  • Understand the stressors and triggers of parental conflict, including the possible outcomes such as the relationship between mental health and parental conflict
  • Achieve an understanding of the role of fathers/male carers in a child’s life
  • Gain an awareness of the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) Resource Hub and the role of Reducing Parental Conflict Ambassadors and Integration Team
  • Reflect on how to apply the evidence base into areas of work – strategic or operational



Please note we encourage all professionals to attend our flagship session, Understanding and Responding to Domestic Violence and Abuse


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